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Issue 36


Spring 2018
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Wes Civilz
First World Problem

Nancy Dinan
The Exact Opposite of Deja Vu

Aimee Pogson

Luke Muyskens
Shotgun to an Empty Seat


Elisabeth Murawski
Mime on Little River Turnpike

Bruce Bond

Todd Davis
Learning to Tie a Fly
What My Aunt Virginia Says When She Visits

Sarah Munroe
Poem That Begins With Hafez
Thinking About My Father Around His Birthday

Susan Terris
The French Girl Who Hates to be Eurydice
The French Boy Who Must Be Faust

Michael Salcman
John Updike’s Trash
Seven or Eight Reflections on Erik Satie (1866-1925)

Jehanne Dubrow
Scholar Sharpening His Quill
Tefillah for an Adjunct Professor
On Teaching Art Spiegelman’s Maus

John Sibley Williams
Giving Thanks

Emily Vizzo
What Magic You Bring You Bring to You Alone

Creative Nonfiction

Angela Bullock
One Summer Night and a Winter Death

Jessie van Eerden
Blessed is the Impossible Heart


Shawndra Miller
Bleeding the Butterfly

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editors
Kerry Neville and Allen Gee
Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern
Managing Editors
Abbie Lahmers and Faith Thompson
Assistant Editors
Isabel Acevedo
Brittany Barron
Morgan Coyner
Pooja Desai
Leah Kuenzi
Ernestine Montoya
Roe Sellers


A&L Prize Judges Announced

For all of you eagerly anticipating the 20th Annual Arts & Letters Prize competition opening, we have our judges lined up for poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction!

  • Poetry: Alfred Corn
  • Fiction: Melissa Pritchard
  • Creative Nonfiction: Joni Tevis

Our regular submission period is still open through January 31st. The Prize Contest will open February 1st and continue through the end of March.

Announcing the A&L Pushcart Nominations



Our editors have reviewed all the work we published in 2017 to choose work to nominate for the Pushcart Prize. If you’ve missed these poetry and prose selections, we hope you’ll check them out in Issues 34 and 35. Thank you to all the authors who seek out Arts & Letters as a platform to publish your work!

Issue 34

Peter Schireson: “Immigration Policy”
Emily Wolahan: “The Direct Account of Frank Thomas”

Issue 35

Sophia Galifianakis: “In My Mother’s Kitchen”
Leslie Pietrzyk: “People Love a View”
Ivan Himanen: “The Architect Gets Grandfathered”