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Winter Sale


Buy a copy of any of our issues, past or current, and we’ll send a free copy to whomever you’d like.

Once you’ve bought an issue, email us the name and address you’d like us to send the free copy to.

This sale will run from November 11th to January 31st.


Issue 39 has arrived!

Issue 39 - LargeWe are so excited to announce the release of Issue 39!

Our 21st Issue features the 2019 Arts & Letters Prize Winners, Carol Keeley (Nonfiction), Karen Harryman (Poetry), and Lones Seiber (Fiction). Check out their work and the work of our other fine contributors! You can order your copy online in print or digital formats at the Arts & Letters Exchange.


Contributor News

Congratulations to past Contributor Joyce Hinnefeld has a book of stories, The Beauty of Their Youth, coming out in March 2020!

The Beauty of Their Youth - Hinnefeld