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Issue 37 Has Arrived!

We are so excited to announce the release of Issue 37!

In this issue we are featuring the winner of the Rumi Prize for Poetry, Keith Wilson; the winner of the Arts & Letters Prize for Fiction, R. M. Kinder; and the winner of the Susan Atefat Prize for Creative Nonfiction, Megan Harlan. Come check out their work and the work of our other fine contributors! You can order your copy online in print or digital formats at the Arts & Letters Exchange.

As the seasons turn, take a sip of the alphabet soup that is Arts & Letters Issue 37!

Issue 37 is now available

Issue 37 is now available

If you’ve already read Issue 37, and you’re feeling inspired, remember that we are currently open for general submissions!

Issue 37

Issue 37 is available now.Issue 37 is available now.

Fall 2018
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Digital Issue

Annual Prize Winners

R. M. Kinder
A Common Person

Keith Wilson
Letter Begun to My Future Niece
Long Tail

Megan Harlan
Mobile Home


Corie Rosen
Quiet Violence

Greg Walklin
Brahms’ Lullaby

Antonia Angress


Rebecca Foust
Train Out of Altoona

Melissa Oliveira
Volkspark Haibun
Aubade with Burning Hillside

Rachel Kubie
Father’s Keeper
Sleep is a Prayer for Haunting

Don Judson
Former Gang Member Put to Death Tuesday Evening

Leslie Williams
If You Prefer Not to Fill Out the Visitor Card
Dream of Being Alive

Jenny Hykes Jiang

Bret Shepard
Desire Swells
The Trouble

Natalie Rose Richardson
Two Blue Lines
The Rat

Avni Vyas
These Gators Didn’t Give a Shit About Being Frozen Alive in the Bomb Cyclone

Creative Nonfiction

Tammy Delatorre
Holding Onto Fire

Rachel Luria
The Space Where We All Stand

Flash Fiction

Cathy Mellett
Helen of Troy, Michigan

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editors
Kerry Neville and Allen Gee
Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern
Managing Editors
Faith Thompson and Jennifer Watkins
Assistant Managing Editor
Dalton Monk
Assistant Editors
Isabel Acevedo
Brittany Barron
Morgan Coyner
Pooja Desai
Leah Kuenzi
Ernestine Montoya
Roe Sellers


Unclassifiable Contest 2018 Winner and Finalists!

Our Unclassifiable Contest has ended, and a winner has been chosen by our judge, Michael Martone!


Flint, “A Villanelle By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet”

B. G. Firmani, “Wilmington, Delaware, in Eight Superlatives”
Theo Greenblatt, “La, La, How the Life Goes On”
John Harn, “18-PP”
Joan Michelson, “Chernobyl Reactor”
Christine Waresak, “Whamming”

Martone writes of “A Villanelle By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet,” this year’s winner, “They say the hardest images for computer animators to capture are human hair and ocean waves.  Reading the hypnotically lapping and texture tossed ‘A Villanelle by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet’ reminded me that I was walking through the uncanny valley of the animated body and the lamentation of the delaminating layers of applied desire. This writing floats like a red tide, stings like an anemone. The language is osmosic, the form sublime, plasmaic. There is everywhere the briny scent of the of the worried inland sea in red weather, the cracker-jacked smell of saving and savory poetry indeed. Moving, so very moving, by for and about moving.”

Thank you to all those who submitted, for stretching our minds and engaging our imaginations! We hope to see your work again next year!