Arts & Letters is Moving to All Online Submissions

As of January 1, 2015, Arts & Letters will no longer be accepting print submissions. While we have had great luck with print submissions in the past and value all of our print submitters, we are simply getting too many submissions to keep up with the legwork print submissions requires. Happily, this move will allow us to keep better track of our submissions and move toward a quicker response time.

All submissions as of 2015 will be done through our online submissions managers through Submittable. We chose to go this route because we and a majority of our users have found our online manager to be quick, convenient, and easy to track.

We appreciate all of our submitters who prefer print submissions, and we hope that they will continue to submit their work to us online. We’re confident the the time we save from ending print submissions will allow us to improve all aspects of the journal for our readers.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your submissions framed in Submittable orange!

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