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Congratulations to past contributor Rebecca Foust, whose poems “Collaborator” and “Train Out of Altoona” appeared in Issue 37. Her new poetry collection, The Unexploded Ordnance Bin, came out this past November from Swan Scythe Press!

book cover front_TUOB_9-11-19

Unclassifiable Contest 2019 Winners & Finalists

Our Unclassifiable Contest has ended, and a winner has been chosen by our judge, Michael Martone!

Unclassifiable2019 Winner











Jenni Moody, “The Sound of Her Voice”

Francisco González, “An Outline of Wellness”
Marya Hornbacher, “Excerpt from a Conversation on Metaphor/A Seduction”
Robert Solomon, “The Fog Is a Snow Leopard Eating Owslowski”

Martone writes of “The Sound of Her Voice,” this year’s winner, “Only now, after over forty years of using a computer (a high-powered typesetting machine) and thirty years since the computer has been attached to the internet, have writers begun to explore fully the expansion of their artistic role into areas we once ascribed to the ‘graphic designer’ or ‘illustrator.’ ‘The Sound of Her Voice’ marks a lovely debut of these new ‘writerly’ skills and, in form and content, explodes the notion that the writer’s task is only to transcribe an oral tale in a transparent way. Instead it is time to embrace and expand on the material nature of the art, its artifice, and create a style that is not the clear window but more the stained glass rosette of a cathedral. Insert your emojis of applause here!”

Thank you to all those who submitted, for stretching our minds and engaging our imaginations! We hope to see your work again next year!

Issue 39

Fall 2019
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Carol Keeley
Demon Feeding

Karen Harryman

Lones Seiber


Joanna Pearson
The Lily, the Rose, the Rose

Andrew Gray Siegrist

Valerie Lute
Until Only the Light Remains


Michael Hettich
The Window

Elisabeth Murawski
Susan the Composition Doll
The Woman Unafraid of Tropical Diseases

A. Molotkov
The Other Side of a Photograph
Endless Happy Returns
Prayer to a Future Self

Dannye Powell
Someone You Once Knew

Anushah Jiwani
No Space

Chelsea Dingman

Jesse Wallis
The Red Hibiscus
With Mom on the Titanic

John Sibley Williams 
Solar Retinopathy
My Heart is in the Mouth of Another Heart

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Greg bowers
Her Hair Smelled Like Rhododendrons

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Kyra Simone
Thank You, Bye
The Tunnel

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