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Issue 42

Spring 2021
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Unclassifiable Contest Winner

Kat Mustatea


Stephanie Gangi
The Rescue

Kent Kosack
Stay Golden

Simone Martel
Afternoon in Nairobi

Noley Reid


Philip Arnold
Pound in Venice, 1963
Valley of the Condor

Roy Bentley
The United States of America in the Summertime
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

Marianne Boruch
The Pelican Minus a Wing Must Still
So You’re Remembering Sheep Now Too, the Archangel
No Word of the Fires, I Began the Day

Trent Busch
Curt’s Girl
Kick the Tire

Laura Bylenok
Dura Mater

Lila Dlaboha
Tremors of Equinox

Justin Hunt
The Winter of Your Flu
Sundown at Huntington

Abbie Kiefer
My Friend Tells Me About the Last Day at the Bass Shoe Factory
When the Flood Came

Laurie Lamon
Who Love Beauty
If You Believe in God

Clay Matthews
Psalm [maybe the hours spent on the other side]
Slings and Arrows

Manisha Sharma
The Vanishing Girls Speak – An Elegy
Discerning Sex Selection


Dan Kennedy

Matt Greene
Holding the Baby

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editor
Chika Unigwe
Poetry Editors
Kerry James Evans
Managing Editor
William Warren
Assistant Managing Editor
Kelsie Doran
Assistant Editors
Lori Tennant
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Shannon Yarbrough
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Caleb Bouchard

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Contributor News: Joanna Pearson Upcoming Short Story Collection

Joanna Pearson

Arts & Letters Contributor Joanna Pearson’s forthcoming short story collection Now You Know It All is set to release in October of 2021 (University of Pittsburgh Press). Her short story “A Lily, a Rose, a Rose”, featured in Arts & Letters Issue 39, will be included in the collection.

Pearson is racking up awards with this collection. She is the 2021 winner of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize, one of the nation’s most prestigious awards for a collection of short stories. Now You Know It All was selected by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward P. Jones.

Congratulations to Joanna Pearson and all the best of luck from the A&L community!