We Have an Exciting New Issue

Issue 29 - Digital VersionCheck out the digital version of our new issue for Fall, Issue 29!

Now entering the second half of its second decade, Arts & Letters has been a staple in the literary community, but for those familiar with the print journal, it will look totally different. The journal has gone through a complete redesign, including the cover, typography, page stock, and layout, and we’re excited about our first restyled issue now available for Fall 2014 (Issue 29).

To match the dazzling new design, this issue features fantastic work, including new fiction by Amy Hassinger, poetry by James Doyle and Charity Gingerich, a collaborative essay by Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade, and the winners of the Arts & Letters Prizes in all genres. Be sure to get your hands on the new issue. You can buy a copy online or get a yearly subscription.

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