Unclassifiable Contest 2021 Winner and Finalists

The 2021 Unclassifiable Contest has ended, and a winner has been chosen by judge, Michael Martone!

Winner: “ARMORY” by Helen Hofling

The “author” is dead–no news there–but the “writer” and the writing endures. But what does the writer do now when the writer writes with this incredible powerful typesetting machine connected to the world wide web? Well, you do this this. You begin to collapse the categories of writer, editor, typesetter, publisher, designer, illustrator, printer. Long live the media artist, the artist mediator, the rewritten “righter.”

Michael Martone

(Honorable Mention) William Lessard, “from Techniques for creating facial animation using a face mesh”

Chelsea Biondolillo, “Weeds”
Noah Farberman, “Greaseboy Rules Second Edition”
Tucker Leighty-Phillips, “The Rumpelstiltskin Understudies (play)”
Arreshy Young, “The Stars in Middle Age”

Thank you to all who submitted, for stretching our minds and engaging our imaginations! We hope to see your work again next year!

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