We’re on the Hunt for Creative Nonfiction

Since Montaigne popularized the essay in the 16th century, a line of great essayists has led to today’s explosion of Creative Nonfiction, with the word “creative” adding its timely energy to the form.

From Ashley Butler’s dense fragmentation to Lacy Johnson’s defiant vulnerability to Lia Purpura’s analytic lyricism, the genre has been cracked wide open. We’re looking for your best-crafted work to fall in line with these greats.

For an example, in our upcoming Fall issue you’ll find an excellent essay written collaboratively by Julie Marie Wade and Denise Duhamel.

Whether your Nonfiction is a highly-researched journey into the color red or a sprawling personal narrative, or some combination of research, fact, and fancy, we want to see it. And remember that we also nominate for Best American Essays.

So show us what you’re working on! Submit now!

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