Issue 14

Issue 14

Fall 2005

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Arts & Letters Prize Winners

Jacob Appel Fiction
The Punishment

Joanna Goodman Poetry
Our Daughter plays Deer Hunting USA in the Holiday Inn Gameroom
Georgic: Tomatoes


K.L. Cook
Chalk Dust on a Dress
The Couple Upstairs
First Birth

Karen Heuler
The Log

E.K. Narey

Luke Whisnant
How to Build a House


Julianna Baggot
An Apologia for Using Words in Poetry
The Poem that Wants to be Written

Karla R. Clark

Todd Davis
In Praise of Dürer’s Dandelions
Mid May in a Year of Early Warmth

CJ Evans
My Left Hand

Kathleen Graber
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Alex Grant
A History of Foot-beating
Madonna and Child

Cecile Gray
Night Jog, Ditch Park
Nude with Cantaloupes

Jo McDougall
A Bottomlands Farmer Takes a Break from Walking His Levees
In a Delta Courtroom They Settle the Estate

R.T. Smith
Carrion Cry
Strange Fruit, 1939


Janice Eidus
No Goodnicks

Jeanne Larsen
A Boat Across the Water

Donald Morrill
On Purchase


Gwendolyn Turnbull
The Theatrical Vision of Tina Howe


Kirk Nesset translates Eugenio Montejo
Aqui / Here
Estellas / Stars
Despertar / Waking up
El Hacha Blanca / White Axe

Martin Lammon

Fiction Editor
Allen Gee

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Poetry Editor
Alice Friman

Assistant Editors
Laura Newbern
Nick Swetye
Scott Luter
Lauren Faulkenberry
Susan Hutner

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