Issue 24

Issue 24

Fall 2010

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Arts & Letters Prize

Gregory Williams Fiction
Who We Were at Twelve

Todd Hearon Poetry
After Words
No Other Gods
Circe’s Sister


Chantel Acevedo
Prayers to San Luis Beltran

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
My Beautiful Awakening

Stephen Stark
The Sun from Under Water


Annie Boutelle
Picasso in Sepia

William Virgil Davis
A Postcard from San Gimignano

Sharon Fain
At the Lakeshore Motel

Rebecca Foust
Father’s Day Race

Megan Harlan
Stained Glass

David Kirby
Jizake Cake
Almost Happy

John McKernan
Johnny Diggs Was About My Size
I Wanted to Drag You into This Poem

Lauren Moseley
The Artist as a Disembodied Head, Bleeding on Snow

Elizabeth Wade
Early Warning
The Last Letter

Creative Nonfiction

Squire Babcock
Wrestling the Horn-ed Beast

Jonathan Callard

Greg Hlavaty
How You’re Made

Andre Perry


James Magruder
Nine Rooms’ Worth

Book Review

Sara Hughes reviews Todd Davis and Kate Gleason
What Brings Us to Poetry

Martin Lammon

Creative Nonfiction Editor
Peter Selgin

Fiction Editor
Allen Gee

Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Assistant Editors
Alice Friman
Zachary Burkhart
Matthew Jurak
Leah Norton
William Torrey
John Teschner
Marie Elliot

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