Issue 26

Spring 2012

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Susan Atefat Prize

Juliet Petterson Creative Nonfiction
For the Last Time

Arts & Letters Prizes

Dwight Holing Fiction

Rochelle Hurt Poetry
The Persistence of St. Teresa of Avila
The Strove Tender

James C. McKelly Drama
Angels in the Froth


Courtney Marcelo Norton
Take it for Love

Gloria Huang
Learning How to Survive


Robert Gibb
“Children Going Home From School to New Raw Suburbs, 1952”
Photography by Clyde Hare

Laurie Lamon
Waking From an Afternoon Nightmare

Fritz Ward
Love Letter About to Be Lit

Roy Scheele
November Woods
After Things

Stephanie Ivanoff
Cube Steak

Jill Osier
The Snow is Almost Again Mended
This Close

Susan Terris
An Old Saw
Pistil / Pistol

Arne Weingart
Louis Armstrong Says Kaddish
Born in Hungarian

Doug Ramspeck
Naming the Dancers
Once More Naming the Crows

Michael Riley
The Sailor’s Hornpipe
A Little Learning

Jennifer Key
We Are Easily Reduced

Shahe Mankerian
The Last Mosque
Discovery of Cycle

Hilary Sideris

Creative Nonfiction

Naima Coster
Fire Escape

Christine Hale
A Seat in the Rain

Thao Thai

Xu Xi
Ambitious Game

Rachel Lyon
That Skin, that Muscle, that Metal and Bone

Corinne Manning
Primary Sources

Angela Morales
Nine Days of Ruth

Kyle Minor
There is Nothing But Sadness in Nashville

Book Reviews

Allen Gee reviews Ann Williams

Martin LammonCreative Nonfiction Editor
Karen Salyer McElmurrayFiction Editor
Allen Gee

Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Assistant Editors
Alice Friman
Matthew Jurak
Zachary Burkhart
Jen Pirkle
Valerie Wayson
Evan Allgood

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