Issue 28

Issue 28Issue 28

Spring 2014

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Susan Atefat Prize

Jennifer Bowen Hicks Creative Nonfiction
Candling Delicious

Arts & Letters Prizes

Amanda Pauley Fiction
The Window

Lara Egger Poetry
The Beautiful Unseen
At Washington Square Tavern

Catherine Rush Drama
The Sum of Me


Bradford Kammin
Oil Spill

John Matthew Fox
Down in the Rogue

Mark Levine
Let’s Go Shopping

D.J. Thielke
Have You Seen Me?

Scott Nadelson
Some Macher


Lynn Domina

Carrie Green
Song for My Father
Some Dreams You Remember
Too Late to Tell the Bees

Danielle Cadena Deulen
Somewhere Always Fire

Clay Matthews

Creative Nonfiction

Ming Holden

Walter Cummings
Kennedy and Kerrigan in Copenhagen

Martin Lammon

Creative Nonfiction Editor
Peter Selgin

Fiction Editor
Allen Gee

Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Associate Editors
Miah Arnold
Alice Friman

Assistant Editors
Rachelle Bowser
Claire Helakoski
Christine Amezquita
Chelsea Henshey
Danny Plunkett
Jad Adkins
Tori Averett

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