Issue 29

Fall 2014

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Susan Atefat Prize

Leonora Smith Creative Nonfiction
Blood Sick

Arts & Letters Prizes

Holloway McCandless Fiction
Motu Tapu

Emma Hine Poetry
Distortion for Afterwards
Slot Canyon

Drew Katzman Drama
A Rare and Fleeting Thing


Amy Hassinger
A Smart Bug

Sophie Monatte
Cemetery Snails


Simeon Berry
From Monograph

James Doyle
Alzheimer’s and Other Full Moons

Charity Gingerich
Biking in a Renoir with Herons
Mountains, Sunset, Redbird, River:

Michael Lavers
From The Theory of Everything

Angie Macri
Sorrow is Not a Yard

Marzelle Robertson
From Letters to Proust

Jennifer Ronsman
The Infertile Woman Addresses Her Future Children

Creative Nonfiction

Kate Bolton Bonnici

Lucy Ferriss
Gandara in Suburbia

Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade
The Gaze

K.A. Webb
Alabama Goddamn

Martin LammonCreative Nonfiction Editor
Peter SelginFiction Editor
Allen GeePoetry Editor
Laura Newbern

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Assistant Editors
Christine Amezquita
Rachelle Bowser
Chelsea Buckley
Claire Helakoski
Laura Martin

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