Issue 3

Issue 3

Spring 2000

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Arts & Letters Prize Winners

Arthur Meryash Drama


Allison Amend
A Private, Vulgar Thing

Joan Connor
And I, Isolde

Bret Lott


Colleen Anderson
We Talk at Night

David Baker
Two Clouds

Donald Hall
Four Easters
Love Poem

Christine Boyka Kluge
Choosing a Tongue
Sea Urchins

Miriam Morsel Nathan
The Green Cashmere Sweater with Gold Buttons

Eric Nelson
Earth Day

Barbara Tran
In The Mynah Bird’s Own Words

Jean Valentine
In the Poor Hotel


Judith Ortiz Cofer
Her Kind: A Fable for Our Times
In Search of My Mentor’s Gardens

Janice Eidus
Class Barbie

Winston Fuller
To Press One’s Eye Against the Body of the World

Dinty W. Moore
By My Own Hands


John Hoppenthaler
So Let it be Like Rain: An Interview with Jen Valentine


Carolyn Wright & Mohommad Nural Huda translate Nasima Sultana
I Was Asleep, I Was Alone
I’ll Go Away and I Won’t Say a Thing
To My Promise-Bound Childhood

Book Review

John Drexel
Something Lucid Surrounded by Something Mysterious

Featured Artist

Juergen Strunck
Eight Prints

Martin Lammon

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Fiction Editor
Gail Galloway Adams

Assistant Editors
Keith Hendrix
Danielle Wyckoff
Jeff Drye
John Sirmans

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