Issue 30

Issue 30Issue 30

Spring 2015

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Dorothy Erickson
Boy Scout

Keya Mitra

Goldberry Long


Kelly Cherry
The Cliffs of Nothingness
They are More Present
The Teahouse at Otowi Station

Nicholas Samaras
“A Body No Longer, No Longer the World”

Michael Waters
The Beatles
American Songbook

James Allen Hall
Poppies in October
My Grandmother Slams Crystal Meth the First Time, Four Months After Her Death

Melissa King Rogers
Grief: Topography
Happy Hour

Rebecca McKanna
Epithalamium for a Bride on Vicodin
When I Watch the TV Show of the Man Who Took my Virginity

Sarah Gordon
How to Write a Memoir

Creative Nonfiction

Eric Susak
Hollow Bound

Kathryn Winograd
Breviaries of the Ghost

Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas

Jan Bindas-Tenney
Paper Mill is Something Not Heard

Flash Fiction

Evan Lavender-Smith
Real Talk (XIX)

Maria Brandt
Against the Floor

Laura NewbernCreative Nonfiction Editor
Peter SelginFiction Editor
Allen GeePoetry Editor
Laura NewbernManaging Editors
Dustin Junkert
Adam Nannini
Kera YonkerAssistant Editors
Christine Amezquita
Rachelle Bowser
Chelsea Buckley
Claire Helakoski
Laura Martin

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