Issue 32

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Spring 2016
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Christopher Mohar
One Evening in April as a Cold Front Comes In

Michelle Donahue
What She Could (Not) Save

Christopher McIlroy


Amy Newlove Schroeder
More Lost Than Lieutenant Bello
A Bowl to Hold 2700 Gallons

G.C. Waldrep
Untitled (Dido II)
Untitled (Dido III)

Theodora Ziolkowski
The Woman Reader

Marianne Boruch
Private Garden, Open to the Public

Aloysius Bertrand; Translated by Linwood Rumney
The Lamp
Setting Out for the Witches’ Sabbath
The Pointed Beard

Creative Nonfiction

Timothy Gallagher
Learning to Orchestrate Goodbye

Christina Olson
Origin Stories

Richard Schmitt
Not Knowing: The Rock & Roll of Drinking

Flash Fiction

Kelly Cherry

Monica Hileman
Fine Arts

Mary Larkin

María Isabel Alvarez

Dianna Rae Samuelson
Sylvia Beach Hotel


Melvin Adams
Stoning the Porcupine

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editors
Aubrey Hirsch and Allen Gee
Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern
Managing Editor
Abbie Lahmers
Assistant Managing Editor
Isabel Acevedo
Assistant Editors
Danielle DiCenzo
Laura Martin
Shane Moritz
Rebecca Muntean
Ian Sargent
Shannon Skelton
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