Issue 34

Spring 2017
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Richard Downing
History Fold #5: John Cage Plays at the Bull’s Head

Linda McCullough Moore

Jackson Bliss
Living in the Future

Megan Giddings


John Sibley Williams
So Let the Stories We Live by Slacken

Richard Widerkehr
At Akumal: Water Ain’t Water, He Said
At The Grace Cafe
Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Speaks

Jared Harél
Father of Daughters
A Commercial Looping on Sports Radio

Sheila Sanderson
Inside a Walled City of Transylvania

Adam Tavel
Nero’s Torches

Bruce Bond

Kathleen McGookey
In Paris

Theresa D. Smith

Gregory Fraser
The End of Summer

Cyrus Cassells

Peter Schireson
Immigration Policy

Creative Nonfiction

Cate Hodorowicz
Chasing Rabbits

Frances Park
Love in Yiddish


Emily Wolahan
The Direct Account of Frank Thomas

Kirsten Imani Kasai
A Snail Without its Shell is a Slug

Erik Hoel
Higher Education

Peter Selgin
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editors
Kerry Neville and Allen Gee
Poetry Editor
Cecilia Woloch
Managing Editor
Abbie Lahmers
Assistant Managing Editor
Alexandra McLaughlin
Assistant Editors
Isabel Acevedo
Penny Dearmin
Danielle DiCenzo
Georgia Knapp
Michael McClelland
Ernestine Montoya
Ian Sargent
Roe Sellers
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