Issue 35

Fall 2017
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Leslie Kirk Campbell
The Tasmanians

Leslie Pietrzyk
People Love A View

Marlene Olin
Up Down Walls

Ivan Himanen
The Architect Gets Grandfathered


George Looney
Using What Light There Is
Translations in Coal Dust
It Isn’t Always Classical

Carine Topal

Paige Sullivan
A Genealogy of Women

Sophia Galifianakis
In My Mother’s Kitchen

Robert Gibb
Deer Season

Kevin Cantwell
One Thousand Sheets of Rice Paper

Dante Di Stefano
Stump Speech
The Bronx Pyramid

Creative Nonfiction

Courtney Zoffness
It May All End in Aleppo

David Rompf
False Vertigo

Michael Levan

Flash Fiction

Andrew C. Gottlieb
The Naturalist

Lisa Lenzo
Note to the New Owners

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editors
Kerry Neville and Allen Gee
Poetry Editor
Laura Newbern
Managing Editors
Abbie Lahmers and Faith Thompson
Assistant Editors
Isabel Acevedo
Brittany Barron
Morgan Coyner
Pooja Desai
Leah Kuenzi
Ernestine Montoya
Roe Sellers


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