Issue 38

Spring 2019
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20th Anniversary Archive

Annie Dawid
Snow Blossoms

The Candle Flame
The Sword-Wound


Brian Crawford
When We Were Liars

Amy Stuber
This Is Not My Beautiful Wife

Mary Morris
The Young Gypsy from Andalusia

Genevieve Plunkett
If Tooth Could Mean Heart


Lee Peterson
Trick Rider
Election Day

Christopher Citro
The Answer the Question in Your Mind Rosemary
Lighthouse Lighthouse Lighthouse

Justin Hunt
In Vienna’s Stadtpark
At the Rainbach

Baiba Bičole
(the mute ones)
“As if this day were unending”

Esteban Rodriguez

Mitchell Untch
Central Park

Robert Gibb
W. Eugene Smith’s Light Board
Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project
“Friendship Barber Shop, Amity and Twelfth Streets, Homestead”

Creative Nonfiction

Fleda Brown

Wendy Rawlings
A Bad Sort of Industry

Alison Townsend
My Mother’s Desk

Nahal Suzanne Jamir
Imaginary Things

George Choundas
Glory, Finally, at the Parker House


A Villanelle by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Peter Selgin
Fiction Editor
Kerry Neville
Poetry Editor
Hali Sofala-Jones and Cecilia Woloch
Managing Editors
Faith Thompson and Jennifer Watkins
Assistant Managing Editor
Dalton Monk
Assistant Editors
Brittany Barron
Scarlett Peterson
Morgan Coyner
Pooja Desai
James Cody Phenis
Leah Kuenzi
Andrew Schofield


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