Issue 4

Issue 4

Fall 2000

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Arts & Letters Prize Winners

Harry Bloom Fiction

Ann Pelletier Poetry
One Hundred Steps
Fear Keeps Hold


Andraya Dolbee
My Rules for Living

Austin Ratner
The Sea of Concatenate Memory or, Ode to the Conventional Short Story


Daniel Corrie

Laurie Lamon
Pain Thinks of the Beautiful Table

Mary Elizabeth Parker
We Might Become Starved

Jane R. Shippen
Put the Whole Cue Ball in Her Mouth at The Cavern Tavern

Charles Simic
People Eating Lunch
Along with the Name Came His Shadow

Ryan Van Cleave
Ever Write a Poem About Me, Don’t Mention My Name
My Nuclear Age Fear

Ken Waldman
The New Villanelle
W.C. Fields Meets Abbott and Costello
The Good Guys

Liz Waldner
Prime Mover
An Alternate Yellow (By Everything Green)

Anthony Russell White
How Unexpected It Must Have Been

Miller Williams
Something That Meant to Be a Sonnet for an Anniversary Evening
After All These Years of Prayer and Pi R Square

Margaret Young
Light Bulb


Denise Low
Bardo, or Death Journey, of William Seward Burroughs

Dinty W. Moore
Dickey and Nelson Algren’s Shorts: Writers and the Imagined Life


Keith Hendrix
Loosening the Ropes: A Talk with Charles Simic

Edward Bok Lee
Releasing: Light and Darkness: An Interview with Poet Xue Di


Hil Anderson and Keith Waldrop translate Xue Di
Hotel Viking
Local Winter
Sweet Jazz

Don Mee Choi translates Kim Hye-sun
A Song
Regarding Love
Words (1)
Words (2)

Don Mee Choi
Translation and the Korean Mudang

Book Review

Edward M. Cifelli
The Poems of Miller Williams
Poetry from Illinois

Featured Artists

Karen Kunc
Three Prints

David Johnson
Two Prints

Phyllis McGibbon
Three Prints

Martin Lammon

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Fiction Editor
Gail Galloway Adams

Assistant Editors
Jeff Drye
Shel Evans
Keith Hendrix
John Sirmans
Danielle Wyckoff

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