Issue 40

Spring 2020
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Unclassifiable Prize Winner

Jenni Moody
The Sound of Her Voice


Nicholas Montemarano

George Singleton
Figure Out the Boundaries

Kartika Budhwar
Last Walk in Assam


Jared Harél
A Moving Grove
My Life

M. Soledad Caballero
Cell Sisters


Michael Salcman
Visiting My Father in His Final Illness
Event Horizon

Wes Civilz
First Thing
The Walk

Susan Terris
Why Be a Tiger Fish if I Can Be a Tiger
Bridging the Bayou

Diane Louie
The Lucy Sequence

Stephen Haven
Old Church Photograph
Salem Easter

Allison Adair 
Obituary for the Woman Left Behind
My Mother Asks Why I Never Write About the Good Times
Winter on Plum Island

Creative Nonfiction

Karen Palmer
According to the Map

Walter Cummins


Marya Hornbacher
Excerpt from a Conversation on Metaphor/ A Seduction

Francisco González
An Outline of Wellness

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Kerry Neville
Fiction Editor
Jason Allen
Poetry Editors
Molly Brodak
Managing Editors
Jennifer Watkins & Dalton Monk
Assistant Managing Editor
William Warren
Assistant Editors
Moriah Bray
William Gerdes-McClain
James Cody Phenis
Corey Cummings
Caleb Bouchard
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