Issue 41

Fall 2020
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Creative Nonfiction Prize Winner

L. I. Henley
Drive! (You’re Lost, Little Girl, You’re Lost)

Poetry Prize Winner

Karyna McGlynn
A Love Song to a Wicked Stepsister who Peaked in the ’80s
I Stand Outside This Woman’s Work
Upon Being Shot by the Shrink-Ray

Fiction Prize Winner

Desiree Evans


Will Richter

Jody Hobbs Hesler

Amelia Brunskill
This One


Kathleen Hellen
Rose Sutra

Michael Sandler
Of Old Auras and Coronas

John Hazard
Night Sky, Atlantic Coast

Jean Prokott
The Birthday Effect

Ima Odong
Parable in Four Acts
meditation on disaster

John Moessner
Surveying the Flood

Tara Westmor
These, I Remember Most

Michael Lavers 
The New Self
For My Son, Age Four, Who Asked “How Can I Get Older?”

Creative Nonfiction

Ruth Gila Berger
Take One, Take Two, This Isn’t Working

Christie Tate
Eleven Ways of Looking at a Cat

Laura Newbern
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Kerry Neville
Fiction Editor
Jason Allen
Poetry Editors
Molly Brodak
Managing Editor
William Warren
Assistant Managing Editor
Kelsie Doran
Assistant Editors
Moriah Bray
William Gerdes-McClain
James Cody Phenis
Corey Cummings
Caleb Bouchard

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