Issue 5

Issue 5

Spring 2001

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Arts & Letters Prize Winner

Roy Sorrels Drama
On New Ground


Delta B. Horne

Marcy Jarvis

Bret Lott

Edith Pearlman
Big Fish

Dawn Raffel
The Aunt Sweeps
The Aunt’s Dream

Heather Sellers


Marilyn Annucci
Wrecked World
Girl Listening

Fleda Brown
Sestina for Elvis

Peter Cooley
Small Poem in Search of Depression
Small Poem Containing a Radiance
Small Poem in Which the Chrysanthemums Depart, Waving Goodbye

Victoria Givotovsky
Negative Space

Stuart Lishan
How Nearness Becomes

Thomas David Lisk
Balloons at the Louvre
Aroma Terrapin

Virgil Suárez
Chiringhas, or How Paper Catches the Wind
How Darkness Swallows Borders

Mark Yakich
How They Existed in the World
The Mountain


Philip Gerard
Four Tales for the Hour Between the Dog and the Wolf

Dinty W. Moore
The Ironies: An Interview with Bret Lott

Mary Beth Ray
Unbounded and Large

Ross Talarico
Gladys Knight, Thanksgiving, The Blind Pianist … and an Overdue Recollection from an Ineffectual Poet of Our Times


Natasha Sajé
An Interview with Maxine Kumin


Any England translates Buson
Meditations on the Inexact Translation of Buson: Nekokoro
Buson Translations: Slow Day

Book Review

Sandra Meek
Poetry from the Pitt Poetry Series

Featured Artist

Brian Paulson
Eight Prints

Martin Lammon

Kellie Wells

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Fiction Editor
Gail Galloway Adams

Assistant Editors
Jeff Drye
Shel Evans
Megan Moore
Danielle Wyckoff

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