Issue 6

Issue 6

Fall 2001

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Arts & Letters Prize Winners

Rachel Pastan Fiction
Sam O’Grady

Peggy Ann Tartt Poetry
Instead of Carnations
The Dying Season


Jeff Bens

Ben Miller
Retort of the Bad Tipper

Luke Whisnant
Down in the Flood


K.E. Allen
Woman in a Boat

Kathryn Stripling Byer
Hoot Owl
Looking Out

Maria Elena Caballero-Robb
Yellow Fever

A.V. Christie
Lullaby for Water

Margaret Gibson
Requiem: A Poem in Five Voices

John Gilgun

Holly Iglesias
The Panic of Ninety-Three


Fleda Brown
Walls Six Feet Thick

Edward M. Cifelli
Gwendolyn Brooks: Mid-Century American Poet

Janice Eidus
Like Lovers

Dinty W. Moore
Getting Better All the Time


Margaret Gibson and Marilyn Nelson
Out of the Silence: A Mutual Interview


Alexandra Newton Rios translates Nestór Groppa
The river passes chañares, thorns and the leaves of the green willows
flower vendor
The world grows complicated when it rains

Book Review

Keith Hendrix
New Poetry from W.W. Norton

Featured Artist

Oscar Jay Gillespie
Eight Prints

Martin Lammon

Fiction Editor
Kellie Wells

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Assistant Editors
Shel Evans
Megan Moore

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