Issue 7

Issue 7

Spring 2002

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Arts & Letters Prize

Janet Burroway Drama
Division of Property


Wah-Ming Chang
The Tenth Girl

Melissa Fraterrigo
The Shark Swimmers

Naomi Goldstein
Barbary Apes

Lisa Sutter
St. Francis of Assisi’s Chain Gang


Grace Bauer
On Finding a Footnote to Truckin’

Rosemary Daniell
For Jesus, Eyes Blazing
What Keith the Hunter Says About the Deer in the Hills

Richard Foerster
Smoke Tree

Samuel Hazo
To Wait as a Way of Life
Dear Headstone

Laurie Lamon
Painting the Kitchen
Pain Thinks of Addressing the Body
Lithograph, Sun Rising, by Su Xin-Ping

Jean-Paul Pecqueur
There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here

Lori Tsang


Michael Erickson
Passion Play


Don Mee Choi
House of Cranes

Gary Fincke
Playing House

Dinty W. Moore
The White House: Three Days in September 2001


Shel Evans
Ambered Phrases: An Interview with Jane Hirshfield


Marilyn Nelson translates Inge Pedersen
The Thirteenth Month
A Stone in the Belly

Susan Schwartz translates Liv Lundberg
From Iverkatt (Works)

Featured Artist

Portfolio of Works from Pressed & Pulled X

Martin Lammon

Fiction Editor
Kellie Wells

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Assistant Editors
Shel Evans
Megan Moore
Minal Singh
Wayne Thomas

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