Issue 8

Issue 8

Fall 2002

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Arts & Letters Prizes

Josh Rolnick Fiction
Big Lake

Allan Peterson Poetry
Bone Structure
The Danger of Explosion in Anesthesia
Forgetting Fire
Becalmed with the Gigolo of Electricity


Ruth Knafo Setton
The Shiver Test

Catherine Sustana

Julia Ridley Smith

Nancy Zafris
Vantage Point


Corrinne Clegg Hales
“Young Nubian Woman” 1850s, Pierre Trémaux

Stuart Lishan
Zoo (Coral Reef Exhibit)

Richard Lyons
A Study Using White and Black, Number One
A Study Using Mostly Orange and Blue

R.T. Smith


Joan Connor
Some Nonlinear Notes on Linearity

Dinty W. Moore
“Curtis Knows Best”: A Television Docu-Drama Exploring the Towering and Permanent Dangers of Middle Mind


Gordon Johnston
A Date to the Revival: Lee Smith on Music


Hu Qian and Keith Waldrop translate Xue Di
Green in Green
Yang Xiaobin Interviews Xue Di

Book Review

Sandra Meek
Poetry from Alice James

Martin Lammon

Fiction Editor
Kellie Wells

Drama Editor
David Muschell

Art Editor
Marc Snyder

Assistant Editors
Shel Evans
Megan Moore
Minal Singh
Wayne Thomas

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