Unclassifiable Contest 2023 Winner and Finalists

The 2023 Unclassifiable Contest has ended, and a winner has been chosen by judge Michael Martone!

Winner: “Wreck Tangles of Désirée Acking” by Christy Sheffield Sanford

A fast-acting, highly combustible and comestible collage, “Wreck Tangles” invoked in me, with its dreadlocks of images and words, a kind of vasovagal syncope, a heady high, that such an arrangement of sight and sound could blow-up my blood pressure, make my heart trill, put me flat on the floor. This fibrillating fiction maps an anatomy of a new novel nerve, the 13th cranial nerve, a twisted caduceus indeed.

Michael Martone

Kelly Houle “Alphabet Shell and Other Poems”

Tom Laichas “Four Pieces”

Ayesha Raees “CYCLE”

Julie Marie Wade “Healthcare Hopscotch: 2001-2011”

Thank you to all who submitted, for stretching our minds and engaging our imaginations! We hope to see your work again next year.

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