Regular Submissions Now Open

Submit to Arts & LettersSubmit to Arts & Letters

We welcome you back after a long summer which had you checking and checking and checking our website, and the moment has finally come where we open the doors, roll out the red carpet, shake your hand and cordially, happily, and spiritedly invite you to submit to our regular submissions.

But don’t be fooled. Just because they’re called “Regular Submissions” doesn’t mean we want regular work. What we should do is call them “Extraordinary Submissions” No matter what you call them, submitting to Arts & Letters is now something you can do.

It’s time to brush off your laptops and desktops, polish up your poems, stories, and essays and submit them to us. We are reading submissions daily, and our turnaround rate is very quick! We try to be as speedy as possible because we know how maddening it can be to have your writing locked up for most of the year.

Also, simultaneous submissions are fine with us. Just add a note on Submittable if you need to withdraw anything.

So just click the big blue button on our submit page, and I’ll see you in Submittable!

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Arts & Letters is Moving to All Online Submissions

Print SubmissionsPrint Submissions

As of January 1, 2015, Arts & Letters will no longer be accepting print submissions. While we have had great luck with print submissions in the past and value all of our print submitters, we are simply getting too many submissions to keep up with the legwork print submissions requires. Happily, this move will allow us to keep better track of our submissions and move toward a quicker response time.

All submissions as of 2015 will be done through our online submissions managers through Submittable. We chose to go this route because we and a majority of our users have found our online manager to be quick, convenient, and easy to track.

We appreciate all of our submitters who prefer print submissions, and we hope that they will continue to submit their work to us online. We’re confident the the time we save from ending print submissions will allow us to improve all aspects of the journal for our readers.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your submissions framed in Submittable orange!

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Announcing the 2014 Arts & Letters Prize Winners

Arts & Letters PrizesArts & Letters Prizes

Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 Prize contests, each of whom will receive $1000 and publication in upcoming issues of Arts & Letters:

Poetry/Rumi Prize (Final Judge: Beth Gylys)
WINNER: Emma Hine, “Distortion for Afterwards”
Finalists: Carolyne Wright, Amy Woolard, Kim Garcia, Jennie Malboeuf, Ashley Lumpkin, Jenny Molberg

Fiction Prize (Final Judge: Jayne Anne Phillips)
WINNER: Holloway McCandless, “Motu Tapu”
Finalists: Morgan Harlow, Sophie Monatte

Creative Nonfiction/Susan Atefat Prize (Final Judge: Bret Lott)
WINNER: Leonora Smith, “Blood Sick”
Finalists: Jeffrey Schneider, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandra Newton Rios

Drama Prize (Final Judge: David Muschell)
WINNER: Drew Katzman, “A Rare and Fleeting Thing”
Finalists: Ariadne Blayde, Wendy Dann, Bruce Hoogendoorn, Arnold Johnston, Dan Morra, Cary Pepper, Bridgette Portman, Carolyn Nur Wistrand

Congratulations to all finalists as well. We begin reading for next year’s prizes in February, 2015.

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Now Nominating for The Best American Nonrequired Reading

The Best American Nonrequired ReadingThe Best American Nonrequired Reading

In our mad dash to promote our contributors, Arts & Letters nominates for The Best American Nonrequired Reading: a home for the strange, the funny, and the lovely.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading publishes an exciting array of essay, fiction, journalism, comics, and humor. As opposed to most literary anthologies, this one uses a reading committee made up of high school students who function under the watchful eye of the illustrious Dave Eggers (of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and the best-selling memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius).

“This offbeat but vital anthology” features work firmly on the line between literary and entertainment, between wisdom and humor. Give students a chance to replace Julius Caesar and The Scarlet Letter and this anthology is what they come up with.

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We Want The Best American Essays

Best American EssaysBest American Essays

We’re very excited to announce that we’re now nominating for The Best American EssaysArts & Letters wants to contribute to the pioneering work of this anthology in the ever-innovating genre of Creative Nonfiction. By submitting to Arts & Letters, you open yourself up to the possibility of nomination after publication!

If the American short story really came into its recognizable form around a hundred years ago, then the American essay has just started taking form the last 30 years. The Best American Essays has been at the helm of this development since the beginning (1986). The contemporary essay is carefully crafted, illuminating, and often uses natural language that appeals to a general audience.

The Best American Essays prefers fully-developed works which use form flexibly and intuitively—to the extent the content demands. Since today’s essay, as a genre, is still in its infancy, we see a high variety of form and voice and perspective. It’s an exciting time to be writing essays and The Best American Essays is consistently promoting a definition and creating a standard for what the essay is, what it accomplishes, and how it looks.

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PRIME Poetry Prize Now Closed

Arts & Letters PRIME 3.1

The submission period for our summer poetry contest ended on July 31st. We expect to announce a winner by the end of September.

The PRIME Poetry Prize winner will receive $401 and publication in Arts & Letters as well as the Fall issue of PRIME. There may be Honorable Mentions as well. These would be offered publication in both Arts & Letters and the Fall issue of PRIME (paid at normal contributor rates: $50.00 for poetry).

Alice Friman is our final judge. She’s the ongoing Poet-in-Residence of Georgia College and she has a new book (her fifth!), The View from Saturn, coming out with LSU Press later this year. Her poems have been published in Poetry, The Georgia Review, The Gettysburg Review, Boulevard, New Letters, and The Southern Review.

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We Love The Best American Short Stories

Best American Short StoriesBest American Short Stories

Want to be nominated for next year’s issue of The Best American Short Stories? Submit to Arts & Letters. We nominate!

The Best American Short Stories has been an institution since 1915 (98 years!). It has helped usher in the establishment of the short story as a “particularly American genre.”

Edward J. O’Brien, at the ripe age of 23, began the anthology, publishing the likes of Willa Cather, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, Erskine Caldwell, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Wolfe, William Saroyan, John Steinbeck, and Richard Wright.

Think of the successful American short story writers, and you’ll be sure to find them all in The Best American Short Stories.

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Arts & Letters nominates for Best New Poets

Best New PoetsBest New Poets

Best New Poets is an annual anthology out of University of Virginia in conjunction with their literary magazine Meridian. They pick 50 poems a year from poets who haven’t published a full length work, but had their work published in a journal the same year.

It’s a fierce competition, but we want to push the poets we publish into the spotlight!

Instead of just publishing work and then putting it to bed in Past Issues and Archives, Arts & Letters tries to keep the work of contributors alive by nominating deserving work for outside prizes and anthologies such as Best New Poets.

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Arts & Letters Nominates for the Pushcart Prize

Pushcart PrizePushcart Prize

Did you know Arts & Letters nominates for the Pushcart Prize?

The Pushcart Prize and Anthology has been running for decades (est. 1976) thanks to nominations from hundreds of unpaid volunteers across the country. This prize is a loud voice for the small press! It has become a venue of critical praise untouched by “big bucks and bluster.”

We’re so proud to support Pushcart Press in their vision to award the most deserving writing of the small presses—and at the same time honor the writers we publish who deserve this special recognition.

We’ve had Robert Gibb, Laurie Lamon, and Dana Fitz Gale nominated for works we published.

If you’re not familiar with Pushcart, check them out and see who they awarded this year!

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Arts & Letters has a New Website

Arts & Letters OnlineArts & Letters Online

Check out the new design of the Arts & Letters website! We now have a dynamic platform that is more efficient and responsive to our readers, and we’ve packaged it in a prettier and more user-friendly design.

We are also now connected across a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+, so that our readers can keep up on Arts & Letters news, reading periods, information on upcoming issues, and prizes.

Feel free to click through the website, and if you have any suggestions, please let us know by emailing us through our new contact form.

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