Regular Submissions Now Open

We welcome you back after a long summer which had you checking and checking and checking our website, and the moment has finally come where we open the doors, roll out the red carpet, shake your hand and cordially, happily, and spiritedly invite you to submit to our regular submissions.

But don’t be fooled. Just because they’re called “Regular Submissions” doesn’t mean we want regular work. What we should do is call them “Extraordinary Submissions” No matter what you call them, submitting to Arts & Letters is now something you can do.

It’s time to brush off your laptops and desktops, polish up your poems, stories, and essays and submit them to us. We are reading submissions daily, and our turnaround rate is very quick! We try to be as speedy as possible because we know how maddening it can be to have your writing locked up for most of the year.

Also, simultaneous submissions are fine with us. Just add a note on Submittable if you need to withdraw anything.

So just click the big blue button on our submit page, and I’ll see you in Submittable!

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